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Don’t abuse your broadband usage. Be sensible, we all have our part to play.

Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Apple TV, Facebook, Google, YouTube and many more of the big players in the content and entertainment industry have all joined the initiative to protect and conserve broadband data usage and broadband access.

By downgrading their services to Standard Definition, these companies have been quick to recognise the need to keep the worlds essential services online and connected. The choice to downgrade ensures less data will be used by all of us, meaning that more data and high-speed connectivity will be made available to the essential services required to help all of us.

Serious Stuff Right? Right…

On the 1st April, Thierry Breton, European Commissioner for Digital Policy, instructed all major data operators including broadband providers, entertainment and online streaming providers along with main stream mobile social media messaging platforms to support the reduction and control of data usage across Europe.

Auto Play options are bad. Turn them off.

Most TV and mobile streaming apps have the option to auto load the next episode or the next video. Ok, it’s convenient when your sat watching the show but here’s the thing. When you leave your device on but stop watching or you switch apps, the auto player usually keeps playing, downloading and wasting tons of data for no good reason. Auto Play Options also slow down your home’s broadband.

Turn off Auto Play Options, speed up your internet and reduce your data usage.

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