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250GB Data
Ideal for Social Butterflys
Never miss a beat on the web! Chat, post, create and enjoy some streaming and podcast binging
  • Speeds up to 150 Mbps

  • Anytime calls to Irish landlines
  • Free UK landline Calls
  • Free 60 minutes to Irish Mobiles

Speed up to 150 Mbps
39.99 per month (For 18 months)
Installation: 150

Get all of this, at no extra cost

It’s not only high speeds you get with our broadband packages

Multi Device Connection

Our powerful Wi-Fi router means you can enjoy high speeds on multiple devices

Award Winning Customer Service

You call we answers in less than 28 secs

Optimised Speed Assurance

We ensure fast speeds by limiting the number of users in each area

A network built for rural Ireland

Bringing you the high-speed broadband you deserve
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Customise your Broadband Package

We know not every customer is the same which is why you can build your own package with these handy add-ons

Family Protection

With Imagine Family protect you’ll be at ease knowing your kids are safe on the internet by being able to monitor and control the sites they can access.
+€2.99 per month

Why Imagine

Quick and professional

No hidden fees

You call we answer

Fast reaction times

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Offer valid until 31 July


1TB Data
Order now and save €180
Speed up to 150 Mbps
49.99 per month (For 18 months)
Installation: 150


500GB Data
Online Only
Speed up to 150 Mbps
49.99 per month (For 18 months)
Installation: 150

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What type of Broadband is Imagine Broadband?

Imagine Broadband is a High-Speed, High Capacity Broadband Network built for rural Ireland. We offer high-speed broadband up to 150Mbps.

Is Imagine Broadband fibre broadband?

Imagine Broadband is a fixed wireless broadband which is a hybrid technology powered by Fibre. With Fixed Wireless Broadband, you get access to reliable high-speed broadband through a radio antenna on the side of your house or business. This gives you the freedom to enjoy faster broadband without the need for cumbersome cables. You can check if Imagine Broadband is available in your area now at our coverage check here

Is Imagine Broadband available in rural areas?

Yes, Imagine Broadband is available in Rural areas. Our high-speed broadband network is built for rural Ireland and covers 1.1 million homes and businesses across 32,000 regional and rural townlands and communities.

Use the coverage checker to see if you have Imagine Rural Broadband available in your area.

What is rural broadband, and why is it important?

Rural broadband refers to high-speed internet access in rural areas. It's crucial because it helps bridge the digital divide, connecting rural communities to essential online services, education, and economic opportunities.

How does rural broadband work? uses wireless WTx Fixed Broadband technology that is routed into the home. The routers are installed by our expert engineers.

Is Imagine Broadband available in my county?

Imagine Broadband is available in all of the counties listed below. Try our coverage checker to see if Imagine Broadband is available in your area.

County Names