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1TB Data
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Speed up to 150 Mbps
49.99 per month (For 18 months)
Installation: 150


250GB Data
Online Only
Speed up to 150 Mbps
39.99 per month (For 18 months)
Installation: 150


500GB Data
Online Only
Speed up to 150 Mbps
49.99 per month (For 18 months)
Installation: 150

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We know not every customer is the same which is why you can build your own package with these handy add-ons

Family Protection

With Imagine Family protect you’ll be at ease knowing your kids are safe on the internet by being able to monitor and control the sites they can access.
+€2.99 per month

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How can you get connected to fast rural broadband?

Those living in the counties of rural Ireland often lack the superfast broadband that urban city dwellers enjoy.

Less reliable speeds can hinder your daily tasks such as working from home, streaming your favourite movie or gaming with friends and family.

The good news is that Imagine Broadband can help you get you connected whether you live in Donegal, Leitrim or Galway

More about Rural Broadband

We have a 60 strong Rural Community team on the ground that works with community leaders and partners to remove community broadband blackspots and provide real-time broadband solutions.

Do you’ve any questions about our business broadband?

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Does Imagine Broadband provide rural broadband?

Yes! We are an Irish broadband company dedicated to providing superfast broadband to rural Ireland.

How does rural broadband work?

Imagine.ie uses wireless WTx Fixed Broadband technology that is routed into the home. The routers are installed by our expert engineers.

How do I get broadband in a rural area?

Check coverage of your business area by entering your eircode or alternatively contact our customer service area.

What are the broadband speeds in rural areas?

Our rural customers can enjoy speeds up to 150mbps, which is perfect for busy households.