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Quick Answers to Common Questions

Below you’ll find answers to some common frequently asked questions.

Is Imagine Broadband available in my area?

If you want to see if Imagine  Broadband is available in your area check out our Coverage Checker.

How do I Change my Imagine Wi-Fi name and password? 

Select the CPE MANAGEMENT button at the top of your Imagine portal. Please do not name the two frequencies the same name or this may cause your WIFI connection to jump between the two.

How much does it cost? 

The monthly cost of our service for Hero broadband is €59.99, Everyday broadband is €39.99 and Super broadband is €49.99. There is an initial connection and installation fee of €150 where €50 is paid upfront and €100 is split evenly upon your first and second bill.

Can I get broadband if I don't have a phoneline?  

Of course, We have our own network separate to any phonelines.

How long does the installation take? 

Approximately 90 minutes.

What date is the monthly payment taken from my account? 

Payment is due on the 17th of every month. If the 17th falls on the weekend or a bank holiday your account will be debited the next working day. 

Can I get broadband without the house phone service? 

We do not offer a package without the phone service. The VOIP service is built into the equipment and is a free add-on. It is up to you whether to use the phone or not.