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Below you’ll find answers to some common frequently asked questions about registering, signing up, and your installation.

Frequently asked questions

Can I run my own cable? 

This depends on where the signal is and the crew will advise on the day.

I have requested my number be transferred (ported) – When does this happen? 

Following your successful install, we send your phone number transfer request (port order) the
following day which can take a further 24 hours to complete. This is not service affecting.

Should I cancel my existing telecom provider before my service is installed? 

No – You should wait until your High-Performance broadband has been successfully installed.

Will the Install Team run extra cabling inside my home? 

No, they will not deliver cabling through alternative external walls, attics, roofs, Internal walls and
floorboards. Neither will they run extra cabling or provide alternative cable runs to reposition your
Wi-Fi Router.

How do you get the outdoor cable into my home? 

The Install Team will run a thin cable from your antenna and into your house by drilling a small hole to pass the cable through. Once in your home, the cable will be neatly clipped to the closest electrical socket from the drilled hole.

Can I ask you to put the outdoor antenna in a different place? 

No – The antenna is positioned to achieve the best signal and service by the trained installers. This is
their priority

Do I have to be there? 

Yes, if you cannot be there, then you will need to nominate a person aged of 18 to be there and they will need to sign the works completed documentation.

How long does the installation take? 

Approximately 90 minutes.

What time will my Install Team turn up on the day? 

Either 9am to 1pm or 1pm to 5pm depending on the which time slot you chose. You will be reminded at around 8am on the morning of your appointment via SMS and email and the Install Crew will also call you about 30 minutes before they arrive.

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