What you can expect from your installer

Step 1:
Our scheduling team will be in contact with you to arrange the time and date of your install.

Step 2:
We will send our engineers to your premises, before the engineers begin the installation of the service, we will need to do a speed test around the premises to test the quality of service and decide where the outdoor unit will be located. 

Step 3:
Once you are happy with the speeds shown we will begin the installation, This involves running a small cable into the premises from the Outdoor unit. We will need to drill a small hole into the home, *We may need to use a pole to get the best signal possible in some cases. 

Step 4:
Once your new router is set up, we’ll show you your new connection speed via independent speedtest.net.

Step 5:
Your installer will set up your Wi-Fi & give you a username and password so you can get online instantly!


Some things to keep in mind

We’ll put your connection first!
We’ll position your outdoor unit, cables & router in the place that’ll give you the best high-speed connection, which may be a different location to your current setup. We’ll talk to you about these locations before we start work.

We’ll need a safe, clear path.
Unfortunately, we can’t deliver cables through alternative external walls, attics, roofs, internal walls or floorboards. We will also only be able to use the external cabling we’ve brought with us.

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