Seamless roaming for a lag-free internet experience

Add on our latest Whole Home Wi-Fi Booster to experience faster speeds, greater capacity and expanded coverage for homes of all shapes and sizes

With 3 boosters there’s no hiding place for deadspots so you can enjoy a fast and consistent WiFi experience wherever you go. With the seamless roaming feature, you can go from room to room without losing connection, creating a lag-free video call/online gaming experience when you are on the move.

No set up needed either. The 3 units arrive pre-paired to each other so just plug them in an enjoy Wi-Fi all over your home.

Exclusive to Imagine Broadband customers for only €10 a month on an 18 month contract. To sign up call 1800 938 999.


How does Whole Home Wi-Fi Booster work?

The Whole Home Wi-Fi Booster connects to your Imagine Broadband router and then can be placed in rooms in your home where you’ve poor broadband.

How much does Whole Home Wi-Fi Booster cost?

It costs €10 a month on an 18-month contract.

Do I have to be an Imagine Broadband customer to buy the Whole Home Wi-Fi Booster?

Yes you must be an Imagine Broadband customer

How will I be charged for the Whole Home Wi-Fi booster?

The charge of €10 a month will go on to your monthly Imagine Broadband bill as an additional charge