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Fair Usage Policy Support
During these unprecedented times and with more people working from home, the amount of data we are consuming has increased.
Fair Usage Policy

To ensure that all customers on our network receive a fair and consistent uninterrupted experience whilst accessing the internet, imagine reserves the right to apply restrictions on any customer whose heavy, excessive usage is deemed to be affecting the overall user experience of other customers on the network.

Any user that consistently uses twice or above, the average customer usage will have their internet service de-prioritized. Your service will be de-prioritized for the remainder of the day whereupon it is then reset at midnight of that day.

You enjoy the benefit and experience of the service because of the Fair Usage Policy and the Acceptable Usage Policy and we will continue to enforce these policies to deliver on our obligation and commitment to you and all of our customers. This is particularly important in the current circumstances.

Tips on Usage
restrict larger downloads to off-peak hours
Restrict larger downloads to off-peak hours when possible.
switch, disconnect and improve
Switch the quality of your services to Standard Definition rather than HD which is often selected automatically, this can be as much as up-to 1GB per hour.
check and disconnect
Check and disconnect all devices and apps you are not actively using – these services can continue in the background and eat into your data without your knowledge.

Social media platforms still open and downloading on your mobile devices
Antivirus software |  App updates | Auto-play via streaming channels.

You can monitor your ongoing data usage via your online portal >> HERE


If you need help with logins for the portal simply email including your account number in the subject bar.

For more information on Imagines Fair Usage Policy (FUP) and Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP) visit

If you have queries about your usage please email including your account number in the email’s subject bar.

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