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Your home phones connection simply plugs into the back of your Indoor router. The phone calls you make are converted into internet data. Your voice service is built into the equipment and is a free add-on. It is up to you whether use the phone or not.

No, we do not offer a package without the phone service. The VOIP service is built into the equipment and is a free add-on. It is up to you whether you use the phone or not.

Yes. Your alarm needs to be reconnected from the previous phone line to the new 5G ready fixed broadband phone service. Please contact your monitored alarm provider to switch this over.

The service is offered on a 24 month minimum contract term

You can nominate a named contact on your account who can speak on your behalf at any time, just send us in a letter signed by yourself or an email from the registered email address on your account.

Yes, just provide us with your universal account number (UAN) from your previous provider, we can verify this over the phone or online for you and begin the transfer process.

The service is unlimited subject to a fair usage policy of 1TB per month. This means that in a single month you’d have to stream 416 Netflix videos of 90 minutes each to hit 1TB of usage. Got four people in your family? You’d each need to watch 104 videos per month, or more than five hours of Netflix every day.

Our billing period covers your package for the full calendar month (1st-31st) with payment due on the 17th of each month (if the 17th falls on a weekend or bank holiday, payment will be taken on the next working day). Any calls made outside of your package are invoiced the following month (e.g. calls made in January will be visible on your February invoice). If you are installed mid-month, your first bill will cover your package charges from the date of install until the end of that calendar month, plus the following month’s charges.

Up to 150Mb broadband speeds, or possibly higher.

Yes, if you are moving out of your current address and the new owner wishes to take over your service, we can facilitate this changeover for you. We will need to complete a verbal agreement with both yourself and the new tenant to complete this request.

Yes, once your new address is in our coverage area, we can arrange for your equipment to be moved. Our engineers will uninstall the equipment from your previous address and re-install it at your new home.

Yes, you will have local, national and UK landline calls included in your package as well as 60 minutes of Irish mobile calls.

Your installation

Between 9am to 1pm or 1pm to 5pm depending on which time slot you are booked in for. You will be reminded between 8am and 9am on the morning of your appointment via SMS and email. Your Install Crew will also call you about 30 minutes before they arrive.

Approximately 90 minutes

Yes, if you can’t be there, then you will need to nominate a person aged of 18 to be there and they will need to sign the works completed documentation.

No – The antenna is positioned to achieve the best signal and service by the trained installers. This is their priority.

The Install Team will run a thin cable from your Outdoor antenna into your house by drilling a small hole to pass the cable through. Once in your home, the cable will be neatly clipped and ran to the closest electrical socket.

No, they will not deliver cabling through alternative external walls, attics, roofs, Internal walls and floor boards.  Nor will they run extra cabling or provide alternative cable runs to reposition your WiFi Router.

No – You should wait until you are successfully installed before contacting your old provider to cease your service.

Following your successful installation, we send your phone number transfer request (port order) the following day which can take up to 24 hours to complete. Please note that this does not effect your service.

Technical Support

On your device, go into settings and open the list of available Wi-Fi networks on your device. Make sure your WiFi is switched on. Look at the list of available networks and select the WiFi name (SSID) that you were given when your broadband service was installed. Tap on the WiFi network that you want, you will then be prompted for your password. Enter the password that you were given at point of install and then tap connect / save. Your device will then be successfully connected to WiFi.

Try to position the router in a high and central location in your home and free from any obstacles that may block your signal. Switch your WiFi channel by rebooting your router. WiFi channels often become congested and with a reboot of your router it will automatically pick up the best channel. As all devices in your home share the WiFi remember to turn off any devices that may not be in use at the time. Remember that some devices if old are limited to what speeds they can achieve.

The difference between wired and wireless is that wired is a device connected to a network physically via ethernet cable. Wireless connection is when a device is connected to a network wirelessly using radio waves instead of cables. A wired connection is always more stable since the device would be connected directly to a router physically.

WiFi has a short range and the WiFi signal strength can be blocked by walls, closed doors, large furniture and ceilings. The signal can also be weakened by competing signals from cordless phones, microwaves, WiFi speakers and also from your neighbours WiFi signal. We strongly recommend that any device that doesn’t move around in your home, such as Smart TV’s, games consoles and Internet TV boxes be connected directly to your router using an Ethernet cable.

Due to the nature of Wi-Fi there are a number of things that can interfere with the Wi-Fi strength on your connection. These can be anything from interference from other Wi-Fi nearby, to the insulation in the walls in your house. There are a number of steps you can take to maximise your Wi-Fi, such as adjusting the channel your Wi-Fi is set to, but ultimately Wi-Fi will never be as quick as connecting directly via an Ethernet Network cable.

If you are unable to send or receive email when connecting to the LTE service, then the following steps should help.

Firstly, you need to confirm that the email address itself is ok. You can do this by logging into it via webmail by going to the email’s site (such as or by using a third party site that allows access (such as

Secondly, you need to check that your email account is set up correctly. The incoming and outgoing mail servers may be incorrect in whatever application you are using. The Incoming mail server should remain the one you were using before, but the outgoing mail server should be set to

If you have no lights on the router, firstly check to make sure that the cables are connected correctly.

Secondly, if you are connecting the router to an extension cord, try plugging it directly into the mains. If you are still not getting anything, please contact us so we can investigate further.

There are a number of steps you can take to try to get your connection back online as quickly as possible.

Power the router off and back on again – It can be surprising how often this can resolve connectivity issues.

Make a direct connection – If you are connecting over Wi-Fi then connecting directly over Ethernet will help determine if the issue is with the connection as a whole, or down to your Wi-Fi settings.

First thing to do is turn your router off at the mains, wait 30 seconds and then switch it back on. If still no joy, establish if it’s a WiFi issue by using a device, like your smart TV that’s connected directly via Ethernet cable. If it works, then the problem is with your WiFi in which case, you should reboot your mobile device or tablet and reconnect to your WiFi.

These are small devices that use your home’s existing electricity circuits and cabling to send the broadband signal around your home. There are two devices in each kit, you connect the main device to your router via an ethernet cable which is then plugged into your wall socket. You wait one minute then plug the second adapter into another electrical socket and then connect this adapter to your device (Smart TV etc.) using the second short Ethernet cable.

By using the powerline adapter technology, which lets you piggyback on your home’s existing electrical circuits, you can plug in a WiFi range extender adapter into any one of your homes electricity sockets. The WiFi range extender then picks up the high-speed broadband being sent over your existing electrical wires and pushes it out via the powerful WiFi antenna giving you a significant increase in WiFi coverage in your home.

If you are connected to the internet, then you are a potential target to a number of threats such as viruses, Trojans, key loggers, etc.

The best way to protect yourself is to ensure your devices have protection with an anti-virus application (such as AVG or Avast), some anti-Spyware (such as Spybot or Malwarebytes) and a firewall. The connection itself does have it’s own firewall, but to ensure you are as protected as possible, we would always recommend your computers, tablets and phones have their own protection.

Accounts & Billing

Yes, if your automated payment fails on your collection date a charge of €8.26 ex VAT will be added to your account balance and will reflect on your next invoice.

Failing to make a payment within the first 3 days following suspension will result in a charge of €20.33 ex VAT. This charge will be added to your account balance and will reflect on your next invoice.

If there is still a balance outstanding on your account after the 17th of the month our credit control department will contact you via text message, email and, or phone call and look to discuss your account. If we are unable to contact you, your services may be at risk of suspension and also incur extra charges.

Payment is due the 17th of every month. If the 17th falls on the weekend or a bank holiday your account will be debited the next working day.

No, unfortunately the 17th of the month is the collection date for all customers.

We will only commence billing on your account from the day of successful install. On your first bill you will see a once off connection charge, 1 month advance broadband pack charge, a charge from when you went live to the end of the month plus call charges outside of your free call pack. Subsequent bills will show just your 1 month in advance plus call charges outside of your free call pack.