Irish companies behind on advancements in AI

Irish organisations need to catch up with Europe on advancements in AI


Irish organisations are falling behind their European counterparts in the advancement of AI. Research from Microsoft, conducted by EY, has revealed key stumbling blocks within Irish organisations which could threaten successful AI roll out and ultimately, digital success.

Overall the EY report found that 65% of all European organisations expect AI to have a high impact on their core business. However, Irish organisations are falling behind European neighbours in AI implementation and investment. On the flip side, AI in Ireland is ramping up with 75% saying they are in planning or piloting phase.

89% (80% in Ireland) of all respondents expect AI to generate business benefits by optimising their companies’ operations in the future. This is followed by 74% across Europe that expect AI to be the key to engaging customers.

Cathriona Hallahan, Managing Director of Microsoft Ireland said: “Advancements in AI are creating new opportunities for businesses in Ireland to accelerate innovation and make it more accessible to everyone. Despite the opportunities which AI can unlock, today’s research shows that organisations in Ireland must close the gap with their European peers in adopting AI to digitally transform and enhance their competitiveness”.

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