Ireland’s first driver-less bus

‘This is the future’ – Ireland’s first driver-less bus is debuted


Ireland’s first driver-less bus made its debut on September 21st, ferrying passengers through Dublin city centre. The electric-powered shuttle bus which can carry up to 15 passengers at a time was showcased on a promenade alongside traffic in the busy IFSC area in the capital.

The smart bus brought to Ireland for European Mobility Week, is fully autonomous with sensors on all four sides detecting objects that come within a metre of it.

“Right now we’re being given a glimpse of the future and what mobility might look like in cities,” Jamie Cudden, Director of the Smart Dublin team at Dublin City Council said.

While the technology could legally not yet operate in shared spaces with motorists, it is thought the shuttle bus could eventually be used to carry passengers from airports and train stations to nearby destinations, as well as in rural parts of the country.

To see the new technology in action, check out the Irish Independent’s article here.