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Fair Usage Policy Support

During these unprecedented times and with more people working from home, the amount of data we are consuming has increased.

Fair Usage Policy

The fair usage limit for data usage on the Broadband Service in any one month is 1TB. This limit is not to be exceeded. If you exceed the fair usage limit, we will notify you by phone, text or email to advise you that you have exceeded the fair usage limit and request that you modify your usage behaviour. If you subsequently exceed the fair usage limit Imagine reserves the right to suspend or terminate your Service(s).

Excessive Use
The Network is designed to deliver a rich, superfast, low latency broadband experience to both home and small business Customers. It is both our intention and priority to ensure that all customers on our network receive a fair and consistent uninterrupted experience whilst accessing the internet. We encourage the use of the service for all everyday activities such as gaming, streaming, catch-up, video chat, multi-screen and multi-device browsing and many other internet related activities.

We also recognise that there are a limited number of customers that will attempt to disproportionately use the service which in turn may have an adverse effect on the majority of Customers. To ensure that all customers on our network receive a fair and consistent uninterrupted experience whilst accessing the internet, imagine reserves the right to apply restrictions on any Customer whose behaviour is deemed to be affecting the overall user experience of other Customers on the network. Such behaviour includes, but is not limited to, instances of running excessive concurrent internet sessions or regularly accessing excessive bandwidth intensive Peer-to-Peer applications, video streams, website hosting and large file downloads. Customer’s whom we deem to disproportionately use the service will be deprioritised which may reduce the download speed achievable at peak times.

This reduced priority does not limit the usage of the service or restrict the amount of data that can be consumed over time but is necessary to ensure fair and balanced access to network resources amongst all Customers and to ensure that excessive use of the service by certain Customers does not disproportionately impact the service available to others. If we notice continual, disproportionate or abnormal download or upload usage patterns we reserve the right to terminate the provision of your Service(s).

Tips on Usage

Restrict larger downloads to off-peak hours when possible.
Switch the quality of your services to Standard Definition rather than HD which is often selected automatically, this can be as much as up-to 1GB per hour.
Check and disconnect all devices and apps you are not actively using – these services can continue in the background and eat into your data without your knowledge. e.g. Social media platforms still open and downloading on your mobile devices Antivirus software |  App updates | Auto-play via streaming channels. You can monitor your ongoing data usage via your online portal >> HERE
If you need help with logins for the portal simply email including your account number in the subject bar. For more information on Imagine’s Fair Usage Policy (FUP) and Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP) visit acceptable-use-policy . If you have queries about your usage please email including your account number in the email’s subject bar