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Connection & Speed Support
Below you’ll find some helpful suggestions and tips for common connection issues.
Connection Issues
Connection Issues
Plug out the power source on your modem and leave turned off for 1 minute. Reboot the modem and test the internet with an
ethernet cable. If your service is still not working please call 1800 938 100
slow speed and intermittent connection
Improve Speeds
First, it is important to determine if your connection is working correctly or if the issue is your Wi-Fi.
Connect your device to your router via an ethernet cable and test the speeds again. If your speed has improved, there may be an issue with your Wi-Fi. You can check our Wi-Fi section  HERE for more advice on fixing the issue.
can't access certain websites
Can’t access certain websites
Check the website on another network, like your mobile data network for example. If this works the website itself may be down.
If this does not work, try the website on another web browser. Often the issue can be your settings configuration.
This can also be down to your antivirus software or firewall security.
Can't send or receive emails
Can’t send or receive emails
Please check your email server for any of the below issues:
Security – if you are accessing your emails for this first time on a new device
Space – your account can sometimes be full and need clearing out
Email too large – sometimes attachments can be too large to send or receive
Server – your email server itself may be down

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