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Connection & Speed Issues

Below you’ll find some helpful suggestions and tips for common connection and speed issues.

Connection Issues

Plug out the power source on your modem and leave turned off for 1 minute. Reboot the modem and test the internet with an ethernet cable. If your service is still not working please call 1800 938 100
Check the website on another network, like your mobile data network for example. If this works the website itself may be down. If this does not work, try the website on another web browser. Often the issue can be your settings configuration. This can also be down to your antivirus software or firewall security.
Please check your email server for any of the below issues:
Security – if you are accessing your emails for this first time on a new device
Space – your account can sometimes be full and need clearing out
Email too large – sometimes attachments can be too large to send or receive
Server – your email server itself may be down
First, it is important to determine if your connection is working correctly or if the issue is your Wi-Fi.
Connect your device to your router via an ethernet cable and test the speeds again. If your speed has improved, there may be an issue with your Wi-Fi. You can check our Wi-Fi section  HERE for more advice on fixing the issue.

Improve Your Wi-Fi Speeds

Walls, closed doors, and shelving units can block your Wi-Fi signal. Refrigerators, microwaves, wireless speakers, and baby monitors can also affect your Wi-Fi strength and signal so please keep these away from your router and ensure it’s unobstructed by any of these types of interferences.
Like any other type of technology, routers can sometimes need a restart. If you are experiencing any issues please try this first.
Some Wi-Fi channels can become congested by other users’ EG neighbours. Apps like Netspot and Wi-Fi Analyser can help identify the least congested channels. Rebooting can also help.
Newer and larger devices are much better suited for Wi-fi speeds. Smartphones and tablets are a great way to conveniently connect to Wi-Fi but due to the size, may not have the same capacity as a PC.
Often, devices that have once connected to your Wi-Fi, will stay connected even when not in use. This causes unnecessary congestion. Switch off or disconnect any device that may be connected to your Wi-Fi whilst not in use.
Connect any device you can through an ethernet cable. Not only with this provide a faster speed to that device but will also allow a faster speed to other devices not directly plugged in.
Some homes may have black spots when it comes to Wi-Fi signals due to distance or obstructions. Powerline adapters will boost the signal throughout these problematic areas.