Rural Wifi – Super fast broadband for homes in Ireland

How can you get connected to fast rural wifi?

Those living in the counties of rural Ireland often lack the superfast broadband that urban city dwellers enjoy.

Less reliable speeds can hinder your daily tasks such as working from home, streaming your favourite movie or gaming with friends and family.

The good news is that can help you get you connected whether you live in Donegal, Leitrim or Galway.

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Benefits of using Rural Wifi uses WTTx Fixed Broadband technology which is designed to overcome the challenges faced by rural dwellers.

What is WTTx?

WTTx is a wireless broadband solution that provides high performance, fibre-like access. There is no requirement for lines or cables, just a quick and easy installation of a device that connects you seamlessly to our network.

5G speed for all of your internet needs.

5G is up to 10 times faster than 4G meaning you can transfer large files such as videos in seconds rather than minutes, the family can stream their favourite films without any buffering and you can host your work video call with confidence.

Powerful Wifi router

Keep all of the family’s devices – from the smart TV and wireless printer to the games console and work laptop – connected with our porwerful Wifi indoor router.

Rural Wifi Cost

We have some excellent packages available for homes and businesses in Ireland. 

For home


per month / inc.vat

For business


per month / ex.vat


More about Rural Wifi on the ground

We have a 60 strong Rural Community team on the ground that works with community leaders and partners to remove community broadband blackspots and provide real-time broadband solutions.

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Yes! We are an Irish broadband company dedicated to providing superfast wifi to rural Ireland. uses wireless WTx Fixed Broadband technology that is routed into the home. The routers are installed by our expert engineers.

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Our rural wifi customers can enjoy speeds up to 150mb, which is perfect for busy households.

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