WiMax 4G Hub Setup

Setting up your WiMax 4G Hub couldn't be easier; you can do it yourself in just a few
easy steps.

In this video, Andrea goes through what you will receive in the WiMax box, how to set up your WiMax 4G Hub and where to position the Hub to get the most from WiMax.

Setting up your WiMax 4G Hub couldn't be easier. You will receive a small box and inside will be your WiMax 4G Hub, an Ethernet cable, a power cable and a Quick Start Guide to help you along the way.

  1. Plug the power cable into the back of your WiMax 4G Hub and wait for the lights to stop flashing.
  2. wiMax hub setup
  3. Once they've stopped, you should have 3 or 4 lights constantly lit on the front of the Hub.
  4. If there’s less than 3 lights the first time around, unplug your 4G Hub and try it in a different place, maybe in a higher location or nearer a window. Plug your 4G Hub back in and see if the number of lights has increased.
  5. Once you are happy with the number of lights, take one end of the Ethernet Cable and plug it in to the back of your WiMax 4G Hub and the other end of the cable into the Ethernet port on your computer/laptop. YOU CANNOT USE WI-FI TO DO THIS. You must use a computer cable during this set up process.
  6. Next, open your usual web browser on your computer/laptop (e.g. Firefox, Internet Explorer) and you will be brought to the imagine set up page.
  7. Just enter the PIN number we sent you out and follow the simple steps on the screen to get set up.
    Please do not move your Hub once it has been set up. If you do, you are not guaranteeing yourself the best WiMax Service.
Once you have completed these steps, that's it!! Your WiMax broadband service is now set up, it couldn't be easier. If you have any questions during the set up, make sure to call us on 1890 929 008.

The location of your WiMax 4G Hub is so important. To get the most from your WiMax Home Hub you should plug it in somewhere in your house that shows 3 or 4 lights on the front of the Hub. This could be beside a window or a higher location in the house.

If you are having difficulty getting 3 or 4 lights anywhere in your house, you should call our specialised Install Team on
1890 929 008 who will help you find a place in your house to set up your Hub. We are open from Monday to Friday 9am to 8pm and 10am until 4pm on weekends.

WiFi is limited in coverage and can be unreliable, especially when used with multiple WiFi devices. We cannot be responsible for your WiFi connection.

If you want extended WiFi coverage or looking to connect another device to WiMax, we recommend you use our Powerlinx (see ‘Better Gaming’ section)

Setting up your WiFi network couldn't be easier.

  1. First, connect your computer or laptop to the WiMax 4G Hub with an Ethernet cable.
  2. connect your computer or laptop to the WiMax home hub
  3. Then just open your normal web browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox.
  4. Then just open your normal web browser
  5. Type into the address bar.
  6. browser address bar
  7. You will be brought to the imagine WiMax set up wizard.
  8. First you will need to enter the name you would like to call your wireless home network. This should be something that you will easily recognise.
  9. Type the network name in the WiFi Network Name (SSID) box.
  10. imagine WiMax set up wizard
  11. When you have done this, click apply and the screen will update.
  12. Next you need to set a password to protect your WiMax WiFi network. This is so nobody will be able to access your wifi network.
  13. To do this click on the Security tab on the left hand side of the menu. When you do, more options will appear.
  14. security tab
  15. In the drop down menu beside Security Type choose WPA/WPA2. When you do, more options will appear.
  16. In the box marked Passphrase enter the password you would like to set for your WiMax WiFi network. This password needs to be more than 7 characters. Also, keep this password somewhere safe so you can give it to your family and friends.
  17. Once you have entered your passphrase click 'Apply' and the screen will update in a couple of seconds.
  18. You have now set up your WiFi and can close down the screen. Finally unplug the Ethernet cable. Simple !
Once this is done you can now connect to the internet wirelessly.

Simply right click the wireless icon on the bar at the bottom right of your computer screen. The exact icon will vary but should look something like this. signal icon Then you will see the Wireless Network Connection window, select the network you have just set up and enter in your passphrase. Make sure to save this network so you don't have to re-enter the password every time you log on.

Q. How will I get connected on WiMax?

A. We will use maps of our WiMax coverage to decide whether we will need to send you an indoor WiMax 4G Hub by courier, or arrange for an engineer team to install your WiMax 4G Hub.

Either way, we will provide you with an easy-to-follow Setup Guide, (Just call us on 1890 929 008 between the hours of 9am to 8pm Monday to Friday and 10am to 4pm on weekends.) and if you run into problems, our customer service agents will be happy to help you!

Q. What will my WiMax equipment look like?

A. The indoor WiMax 4G Hub is a small black device slightly larger than a video tape. It is plug into a power point on the wall and can then have phones and a computer connected to it. The Indoor WiMax 4G Hub is also a wireless broadband modem.

The outdoor WiMax unit is a small antenna or receiver dish (about the size of an A4 page) installed high up on an outside wall of your house. Two black cables run down the wall and a small hole is drilled to bring them inside the house, where a power adaptor and your Thompson router are attached. The router is white and is also about the size of a video tape, and the power adaptor is around the size of a deck of cards.

You will also be given a splitter, an Ethernet cable for connecting a computer to the WiMax 4G Hub and an RJ11 cable for connecting your phone to the WiMax 4G Hub. The set-up guide will explain how to use these.