WiMax Outdoor Hub

Welcome to WiMax Ireland only 4G Phone & Broadband Network. In this section is everything you need to know about your WiMax install and connecting your devices.

* Acceptable Usage Policy applies

+ Family Protection Free for the first 2 months -
€4.07 per month thereafter
typical wimax outdoor installation

typical wimax outdoor setup

WiMax broadband has a very simple set up. Once your Home Hub is connected to your computer all you need to do is open your internet browser . This will redirect you to our simple set up page.

This setup process will confirm your contact details your WiMax package and we will also run your WiMax 4G Hub through a quality checker to make sure you get the best that WiMax has to offer.

WiFi is limited in coverage and can be unreliable, especially when used with multiple WiFi devices. We cannot be responsible for your WiFi connection.

If you want extended WiFi coverage or looking to connect another device to WiMax, we recommend you use our Powerlinx (see ‘Better Gaming’ section)

Setting up your WiFi network couldn't be easier.

  1. How to setup your WiFi connection
  2. typical wimax with thompson wifi router setup diagram
  3. Simply double-click on your WirelessNetwork Connections on the system tray and look for an available connection by the name of "Imagine WiMax XXXX"
  4. You will be prompted to insert your password to access the network, this password was supplied to you by the engineer that installed the service.
  5. How to change your Wi-Fi settings
    You will need to access the wireless modem to make changes.
    To do this, type the following address into a web browser
    Username: Administrator
    Password: (Supplied to you at time of install)
  6. Change Wi-Fi password
    Choose the Change Password Tab.
    Ensure you retain this password for future use.
    Note: The default username and password for the router is;
    Username: Administrator
    Password: (serial number on the underside of the router SN:_ _ _ _ _ _ )
  7. Change wireless network name
    Wireless LAN Tab > Configuration > Network Name (SSID)

  8. Need some help?
    WiMax Customer Support: 1890 929 008
    Email: wimaxsupport@imagine.ie
    Web: www.imagine.ie

  9. Connect using existing phone points
  10. If you have several phones around the house that you want to connect to WiMax, using your existing phone points, that's no problem. Simply plug your WiMax Internal Unit directly into any of your household phone points.This will mean that your internal wiring will carry the signal to any other phone point in the house. While this will work for most homes, of course some set-ups are different. If your having difficulty, you can get a phone engineer to easily adapt it to work with WiMax. Even better, you can use cordless (DECT) phones which you can get from any electrical retail store. As always, you can also checkout our Online Help Centre for further information www.imagine.ie/support

    See diagram below for an example of a typical setup using existing phone points.

    typical wimax with thompson wifi router with existing phone points setup diagram

  1. Ensure the WiMax CPE is attached to the ZyXEL (WAN Port at the back)
  2. Remove hard set IP from your Network card (Obtain an IP Address automatically) where applicable
  3. The ZyXEL is now accessible on one of the following IP's when connected to the WiMax unit. (If the DHCP Lease was set up as this on the CPE prior to configuring the ZyXEL) (Assuming the CPE is assigning out IP's to the ZyXEL).

    You can login to the CPE under local address to identify the address assigned to the router
    if the above does not allow access. (Assuming the "Get from DHCP Server" option has not been ticked.)

    If you have difficulties logging in to a specific IP try accessing it through port 8080. (Place :8080 after the IP)
    Generic Password = 1234

  4. zyxel screen 1

  5. Once you have logged into the router select the "Go to advanced setup" option

  6. zyxel screen 2

    ZyXEL Main Screen

    zyxel screen 3

  7. Go to Network / Wireless LAN
  8. Setup Wi-Fi as normal.

    Options Available
    • General
      • Enable Wireless
      • SSID
      • Hide SSID (check Box)
      • Channel selection (with check box for Auto Channel selection)
      • Operating Channel
      • Channel Width (Dropdown Menu Auto 20/40MHz or 20MHz)

    zyxel screen 4

    • Security
      • Dropdown menu – None, Static WEP, WPA-PSK or WPA2-PSK
      • Imagine recommend WPA-PSK
      • Pre-Shared Key (Option to enter in ASCII or Hex) (Customer preference, we will support ASCII)
      • Group Key Update Timer (Defaulted to 600 seconds)

    WPA Options

    zyxel screen 5

    WEP Options

    zyxel screen 6

    Other Options under Wireless LAN are customer configurable but NOT supported by Imagine.
    In short, if they wish to set up bespoke configuration for their Router we can only support it as far as broadcasting wirelessly. They will need to consult ZyXEL help files for bespoke configuration.

    Future Firmware releases for this Router may exclude some of these options

Q. What speed can I expect on my WiMax broadband connection?

A. WiMax, like almost all home broadband services, is a shared service, and the speed is up to 1Mb, 3Mb, 7Mb and 10Mb. Your speeds will be lowest at very busy times, such as weekday evenings, and will be faster when fewer people are on-line.

Q. Do I get an email address with my WiMax broadband service?

A. We don't supply you with an email address, but if you need one there are many excellent free email services online such as www.gmail.com and www.hotmail.com.

Q. Do I cancel my existing broadband service?

A. If you are transferring your phone number to us, we can take care of this for you. If you are not transferring an existing home phone number to WiMax, you will need to contact your provider to cancel.

Q. Are there any download and upload limits associated with WiMax broadband?

A. No, you can pretty much download as much as you want, when you want. However, there is an Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP) to ensure a level playing field is maintained so that all WiMax customers receive the same great service.

Q. How can I tell what speed my broadband connection is working at?

A. You can measure your connection speed at any time by using our speed-test, which is available here: http://www.imagine.ie/speedtest.html and works with a simple click. It also records a snapshot of your connection at the time, with lots of information that our technical support agents can access to help identify if your connection is having problems.

Q. What do I do if my speeds are very low?

A. If you are getting extremely low speeds a lot of the time, especially if you are getting them at times that would not normally be busy, you should connect your computer directly to the WiMax 4G Hub and do the speed test on speedtest.imagine.ie.

If you are still getting very low speeds when your computer is plugged straight into the WiMax 4G Hub, you should call technical support on 1890 929 008.

Q. What do I do if I can't get an internet connection?

A. If the signal lights on your WiMax 4G Hub are blinking in sequence, try turning it off and on again. If they're still flashing like this two minutes after you turn it back on, you should call technical support on 1890 929 008.

If there are no lights on your WiMax 4G Hub, check that it is plugged in and turned on. If it is, and the lights are still all off, please call technical support on 1890 929 008.

If the lights are on and not flashing, check that everything is plugged in as shown on the Setup Guide, and that no connections have been accidentally unplugged or come loose, then plug your computer directly into the WiMax 4G Hub and see if you can connect to the internet.

If you get no connection and you have another computer available, try connecting that to the WiMax unit in case the problem lies with the computer.

If you still can't get on-line, then you should call technical support on 1890 929 008 while you are at your computer and we will work to identify and solve the issue.

Q. How do I setup my mobile broadband dongle?

A. The new dongles are quite easy to install. Plug in the dongle into the USB port, your computer will recognise the dongle and automatically run a Wizard Program. You then install the software, once installed the Connection Manager software loads and will connect to the imagine network. Once connected, you need to open a web browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox) and enter your WiMax PIN number. You are then connected to the internet!

Q. I am using a netbook which has no CD drive. How do I set up my mobile broadband dongle?

A. No problem, you can download the install software to a USB drive, then transfer it to your computer. 'Download'.

Q. Where will my mobile broadband work?

A. Your broadband will work near any of our transmitters. If you check our coverage map here http://www.imagine.ie/wimax_coverage.html you can see which counties have mobile WiMax transmittors, and we are increasing our coverage all the time. To check coverage for a specific area, please contact customer service on 1890 929 008. The connection speed you get will depend on how close you are to a transmittor and how much signal you are receiving at the time.

Q. Are there any download limits on the mobile broadband dongle?

A. Yes, the download limit per month is 15 Gigabyte.

Q.What is Family Protection?

A. Family Protection makes it safe for your family to surf the internet. Imagine Family Protection allows you to choose which site or category of site is safe for your family to visit. You can customise the security software to the way you access the internet and can be managed by logging on to the portal at imagine.ie.

Q. Does Family Protection cost anything?

A. The first two months are free, and then there is a charge of €4.07 per month thereafter.

Q. Can I change my mind after I am connected on WiMax?

A. You have seven days to change your mind after you place your order. If more than seven days has passed from the date you placed your order and you are connected with WiMax, then you are in your 12 month contract and would have to pay a cancellation fee of €101.65.

Q. Is there a contract and what happens if I cancel?

A. Yes, there is a 12 month contract and if you cancel during this time a cancellation fee of €101.65 applies.

Q. If I need to cancel my WiMax service, what do I do?

A. You should call customer service on 1890 929 008 or you can send us an email with all your account details to cancellations@imagine.ie.

Q. What do I do if I move house after I begin using WiMax?

A. If you have an indoor WiMax 4G Hub and your new house is within coverage, you can move your WiMax 4G Hub to your new house yourself. You will simply need to contact customer service on 1890 929 008 so that we can update your address.

If you have an outdoor WiMax 4G Hub you will need to call customer service and we will organise an engineer team to move your WiMax equipment. You will have to pay €101.65 towards the cost of the engineer visit.

If your new house is not in coverage for WiMax we will try to provide you with an alternate service. However if this is not possible, and you are within your 12 month contract period, you will be charged a €101.65 cancellation fee.

Q. Will WiMax work if there is a power outage?

A. The service depends on access to an electricity supply. In the event of a power failure we advise customers to use alternative arrangements such as a mobile phone in case of emergency.