WiMax Self Install

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Installing your WiMax hub is really simple. But if you have a question, we are here to help you along the way.

Just give us a call on 1890 929 008,

We are open from 9am to 8pm during the week, and weekends from 10am to 4pm or send us an email to wimaxsupport@imagine.ie

Figure (1)

Setting Up Your Broadband.

1. You were issued a PIN at the time of purchase. This is required to complete the setup.

2. At the base of the hub, pull out the stand as illustrated and place it upright on a flat stable surface. Please ensure the area around the modem is free of obstructions, such as books and electronics.

3. Plug in the WiMax hub 1 , the lights will flash for a while, once they stop flashing, please take note of how many lights are lit. 4 lights indicate the maximum signal strength. Place the hub in your home where the most number of lights are consistently lit (close to a window, either at the front or back of the house is ideal).

4. Once you have completed points 2 & 3 please connect the cables as shown in Figure1, making sure the ethernet cable 2 is connected to your PC or laptop.

5. Once connected, open up a web browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox. You will be redirected to an imagine login page asking for your PIN number.

Follow the simple steps on screen If you have any issues seeing the imagine page please refer to Figure 1 and ensure that the equipment is connected correctly. If you have already done this then please give us a call and we can help you get setup.

Setting Up Your Telephone.

If you wish to use the phone service then please follow these steps;

Make sure the phone is plugged in 3 , as illustrated in Figure 1. You can use any phone to do this.

2. Make a quick test call to another phone number.

Number Porting
Number porting is where you choose to move your existing telephone number to our WiMax service.

Typically 10 days after you are setup on WiMax your old number will ring on the telephone that is plugged into the WiMax hub.

A member of our WiMax team will contact you in order to answer any questions which you may have.


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